Aimage Quiz (Coming Soon)
Game / Data Labeling for AI
Pick-A-Viz (Coming Soon)
Game Design / Data Labeling
Smartwatch Interface (Coming Soon)
Design Challenge / Smart Watch / Fitness
Scotty Stop (Coming Soon)
Course Project / Service Design / User Research
Themed Experience at Airport (Coming Soon)
Course Project / Service Design / Themed Experience
Morgan (Coming Soon)
Course Project / VUI / AI / Real Estate
Sleepy Game (Coming Soon)
CHI Play 2019 / Transformational Game
CHI 2018 / Interaction Technique
Point Cloud Labeling • Chinese Patent / Qt
Speech Explosion • Web / Arduino
Index Sense • CV / Interaction Technique
Jitter UX Evaluator • CV / ML / Android
Gesture-Controlled Animation • Unity / Leap Motion
Product Designer
Master's of Human-Computer Interaction at Carnegie Mellon University.
Bachelor's of Computer Science at Tsinghua University.
Actively looking for fulltime opportunities.