Before coming to CMU, I majored in Computer Science at Tsinghua University and has worked in HCI lab under guidance of Prof Yuanchun Shi, Chun Yu, and Anind Dey. I also worked in autonomous driving industry (, and computer vision industry (Yitu). These experiences give me a wide horizon, familiarity with various technologies, and the ability to work as a liaison between design and engineer teams.

Now, I am finishing my master's of HCI at Carnegie Mellon University. At CMU, I systematically learned about product design, user research, and avant-garde topics like designing with AI. With this balanced skill set, I am ready to solve “real-world” problems and share my knowledge/passion with others.

Design tools

Figma, Sketch, Principle, Adobe CC (Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Audition), iMovie, Final Cut, Balsamiq, Kactus, Axure, InVision, Webflow, Tableau, etc.

Coding tools

Python, C++, Java, web front-end (HTML, CSS/SASS, JavaScript, React), web back-end (Flask, Django), Unity, Arduino, Alexa, OpenCV, Android, Qt, etc.

Fun Facts
During my four-year-long amateur theatre training, I've been an actress, director, and producer in 6 plays/musicals. (e.g. "the twelfth night", "next to normal")
I love challenges! Having crossed out things like high diving, underwater diving, marathon, piano, and ukelele on my list, the next ones on my list are skateboarding, surfing, rock climbing, and parachute.
I've been traveled to 10 countries, and want to have a year-long trip around the world before 30 to have a deeper understanding of the world and people's needs.